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Andrzej Philips' Law Office handles family law and personal law cases and particularly focuses on divorce and separation matters.

Mr. Philips' Law Office offers legal advice, writing petitions and statements of claim and specializes in litigation before the court. It also provides legal assistance in the scope of preparation and negotiation of prenuptial (marriage) agreements.

Mr. Andrzej Philips, has been practicing law for over 25 years, combining the experience of a judge, a legal counsellor and a Lawyers' Team attorney. His extensive legal practice includes also that of the family court's judge, deciding in divorce, family, property division and other cases. His broad experience supported by knowledge of foreign languages provides a guarantee of a reliable assistance to clients by virtue of the power of attorney. The Law Office cooperates with a number of Attorney's Offices, Law Firms and Notary Offices, as well as consulting companies both in Poland and abroad, which provides a guarantee of comprehensive and quick services requested.


  1. Divorce and Dissolution of Marriage

    - separation and divorce
    - recognition of foreign divorce judgments.

  2. Property

    - division of joint property of spouses
    - establishment of unequal shares in the joint property of spouses,
    - exclusion of liability for obligations of the other spouse
    - permission for an act exceeding ordinary administration
    - deprivation of a spouse to administer the joint property independently,
    - reimbursement of expenditures and outlays on the individual property,
    - cancellation of the statutory joint property of spouses
    - marriage agreements

  3. Child/Spousal Support

    - claiming children/spousal support before the court
    - increasing/decreasing support,
    - bringing an action at law for so called family needs satisfaction
    - applying to a bailiff for the support enforcement
    - ascertainment that the obligation of support has expired,
    - applying for cancellation of an enforcement clause for a support judgment
    - reimbursement of wrongly paid support
    - support for a pregnant woman and for covering the childbirth and confinement
    - paying out remuneration for work to the other spouse,
    - support agreements

  4. Parental Authority matters

    - awarding parental authority,
    - depriving of parental authority
    - limitation of parental authority,
    - establishing child visiting rules
    - settlement of essential matters concerning a child
    - child release
    - permission for the disposal of child's assets
    - awarding exercise of parental authority to one of the spouses
    - suspension of parental authority,
    - ban on the direct access to a child
    - change of the judgment in the scope of parental authority

  5. Children origin related matters

    - establishing paternity and award of child support (DNA tests),
    - establishing maternity,
    - acknowledgement of a child,
    - denial of paternity,
    - denial of maternity,
    - cancellation of acknowledgement of a child,
    - giving the father's surname
    - change of the surname

  6. Adoption, custody, guardianship and incapacitation matters
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